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Manufacturer: Prince

String Name: Topspin

Description: This string is textured for added spin and control.

Construction: Solid Core With Single Wrap

String Rating (What's this)
Comfort: 6.0
Durablity: 7.0
Spin: 8.0
Power: 6.0
Ratings relates to 15L/1.38mm variant

Tennis Strings View: We use a lot of this string - we have many customers who like the 'rough' texture of the string designed to enhance spin. It also has the added advantage of being quite durable due to its thicker gauge. Try it in the mains of a hybrid set up with a softer cross string such as a Tecnifibre or Wilson NXT string.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
Set 15L/1.38mm White £6.76
100m Reel 15L/1.38mm White £56.40
Set 15L/1.38mm Yellow £6.76

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