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Manufacturer: Gamma

String Name: Live Wire XP

Description: Zyex Multifiament

Construction: Multifilament

String Rating (What's this)
Comfort: 9.0
Durablity: 5.0
Spin: 7.0
Power: 8.0
Ratings relates to 17/1.27m variant

Tennis Strings View: Very popular with players suffering from elbow or shoulder problems (especially the thinner gauge). Not ideal for big hitters with big topspin drives where durability is required. One or two players have commented how good it was initially but that it lost tension quicker than expected

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
Set 16/1.32mm Natural £11.40
Set 17/1.27mm Natural £11.40
110m Reel 16/1.32mm Natural £92.40
110m Reel 17/1.27mm Natural £92.40

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