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Manufacturer: Yonex

String Name: Poly Tour Fire

Description: This polyester monofilament is finished with high polymer polyester using SIF Technology. This is a great all-round poly string. Swift string recovery upon impact allows for powerful penetrating shots. Silicone Infused Filament technology provides intense snapback for greater spin on the ball.

Construction: Monofilament

String Rating (What's this)
Comfort: 7.5
Durablity: 8.0
Spin: 8.5
Power: 8.0
Ratings relates to 1.25mm variant

Tennis Strings View: Nathan's view - I found this to be a great string for control on the ball. I liked how I could pick my spot on the court and hit it. Poly Tour Fire is more comfortable on impact than the Poly Tour Spin G, and for someone who does suffer from arm injuries, this was surprisingly comfy no matter where I hit the ball on the strings. Doesn't naturally produce as much spin as Spin G, so this would suit someone if the ball is going a bit short in the court and they need that extra depth. Enjoyed playing with Fire, really lovely controlled string.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
Set 16L/1.25mm Red £12.00
Set 16/1.30mm Red £12.00
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Red £132.00
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Red £132.00
Set 17/1.20mm Red £12.00
200m Reel 18/1.20mm Red £132.00

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