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Karen and Mark - Both MRTers!
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Karen and Mark are now one of very few husband and wife 'MRTers' in the world! Karen passed her MRT whilst at WImbledon in 2007 and Mark passed his whilst at the 2008 All England badminton championships. Having two highly qualified stringes in the family creates some interesting discussions, which result in a consistently high standard of stringing for our customers as we both follow agreed stringing patterns and procedures.

The United States Racket Stringers Association (USRSA) initiated a certification program way back in 1986 to recognize individuals who demonstrate a superior technical competence and product knowledge. Stringers outside the states didn’t have an equivalent certification program until the European Racket Stringers Association (ERSA) came to an agreement to overseas the same certification process in Europe.

The initial certification (CRT) is used to build on for the MRT (Master Racket Technician). In addition, there is a Tour stringers award which recognises those who are able to string at large tournaments (Wimbledon etc) – this is a very different task to stringing at home or in a shop!

MRT’s are required to undergo a comprehensive written test and detailed practical test measuring understanding and skill level with respect to all facets of racket servicing.