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Manufacturer: Gamma

Item: Grip Enlarger

Description: Used to enlarge a tennis grip size.

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To fit, remove the grip and clean any remains of glue or tape off (take care not to remove any of the lead tape on the handle, if there is some, as this will change the balance of the racket). Slide on the enlarger, lining it up with the bottom of the butt cap. Carefully heat the enlarger with a heat gun from the butt cap end. Turn the racket slowly as the enlarger shrinks onto the handle, gradually moving the heat gun up to the ferrel. Be careful - the handle will be hot! When cooled, put a new grip on. Enlargers come in two sizes (thicknesses) - half a grip size and a full grip size. Please note, heat gun not included.

Size   Colour   Price    Quantity
1 Grip Size Mixed £3.50
1/2 Grip Size Mixed £3.50

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