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Manufacturer: Luxilon

String Name: Adrenaline

Description: New liquid crystal polymer provides abundant power, precision and playability for agressive and exciting players.

Construction: Monofilament

String Rating (What's this)
Comfort: 6.0
Durablity: 8.0
Spin: 6.0
Power: 7.0
Ratings relates to 16/1.30mm variant

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This is a great poly and at a cheaper price than other Luxilon strings. We are moving a fair few customers over to this as the basis for a cheaper hybrid. Rob, one of our regular (Good) student players says - Having used Wilson Sensation for both mains and crosses, I switched to Luxilon Adrenaline in the mains to try and increase the durability of my strings. Not only were the strings lasting much, much longer, but the amount of grip that could be had on the ball was greater with only a minimal sacrifice in power because of the loss of the Sensation string in the crosses. This gain in the ability to generate spin was more noticeable at higher tensions, at which I felt that Adrenaline was much better at this than other strings I had previously tried.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Silver £96.00
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Silver £96.00
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Ice Blue £96.00
Set 17/1.25mm Silver £8.92
Set 16/1.30mm Silver £8.92
Set 17/1.25mm Ice Blue £8.92

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