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Manufacturer: Volkl

String Name: Cyclone Tour

Description: Volkl Cyclone Tour takes Cyclone up a notch by being twisted for even more bite! It is constructed from a soft co-polymer for a deeper pocketing effect for greater spin potential. It is designed for the advanced player looking to hit big!


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Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 18 Red £81.24
200m Reel 17 Red £81.24
200m Reel 16 Red £81.24
200m Reel 17 Black £81.24
200m Reel 16 Black £81.24
200m Reel 18 Black £81.24
Set 18 Red £6.00
Set 17 Red £6.00
Set 16 Red £6.00
Set 17 Black £6.00
Set 16 Black £6.00
Set 18 Black £6.00

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