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Manufacturer: Wilson

String Name: Revolve

Description: Maximum spin delivered from proprietary UHMW coating allowing strings to move freely and snap back quickly.


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Tennis Strings View: Revolve is the new name for Rip Spin. Wilson had to change the name because of copyright issues over the Rip Spin name - same string, different name! All of Wilson's Spin Effect rackets have Revolve installed as standard.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 15/1.35mm White £81.25
200m Reel 16/1.30mm White £81.25
200m Reel 17/1.25mm White £81.25
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Black £81.25
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Black £81.25
200m Reel 15/1.35mm Black £81.25
200m Reel 15/1.35mm Orange £81.25
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Orange £81.25
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Orange £81.25
Set 15/1.35mm White £7.50
Set 16/1.30mm White £7.50
Set 17/1.25mm White £7.50
Set 16/1.30mm Black £7.50
Set 17/1.25mm Black £7.50
Set 15/1.35mm Black £7.50
Set 15/1.35mm Orange £7.50
Set 16/1.30mm Orange £7.50
Set 17/1.25mm Orange £7.50

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