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Manufacturer: Babolat

String Name: RPM Rough

Description: The ultimate spin. RPM Rough is a rougher version of RPM Blast for increased spin potential. The string offers maximum spin thanks to its octagonal section, rough texture, Cross Linked Silicone and unique sensation from the high density Co-PET.


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Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Yellow £107.64
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Yellow £107.64
200m Reel 15/1.35mm Yellow £107.64
200m Reel 15/1.35mm Red £107.64
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Red £107.64
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Red £107.64
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Black £107.64
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Black £107.64
200m Reel 15/1.35mm Black £107.64
Set 15/1.35mm Yellow £12.90
Set 16/1.30mm Yellow £12.90
Set 17/1.25mm Yellow £12.90
Set 17/1.25mm Red £12.90
Set 16/1.30mm Red £12.90
Set 15/1.35mm Red £12.90
Set 15/1.35mm Black £12.90
Set 16/1.30mm Black £12.90
Set 17/1.25mm Black £12.90

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