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Manufacturer: Babolat

String Name: RPM Hurricane Reel

Description: This is in Babolat's 'Power' range of strings. Octagonal construction co-polymer monofilament gives enhanced spin properties.

Construction: Monofilament

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We use a lot of this string - our own performance player son uses this in his mains as part of a hybrid set up. Whilst it is octagonal in cross section, you wouldn't know it from stringing it - there are not loads of corners on the string! This string is also available in 18/1.20mm gauge and 120m reels are available in all gauges. These are to special order and will take about a week to be delivered to us.

Size   Gauge   Colour   Price    Quantity
200m Reel 17/1.25mm Yellow £79.08
200m Reel 16/1.30mm Yellow £79.08
200m Reel 15L/1.35mm Yellow £79.08
200m Reel 18/1.20mm Yellow £79.08

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